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Hmmm ... the graphing calculator screens ... I have just been working on dozens of these myself for a Pre-Calculus 12 textbook!

I can tell you how our agency handles these, and perhaps if others in the USA have strong feelings one way or the other they will also add their comments.
I have 2 different kinds of these in my textbook--some like the ones in your attachment, and some show some of the tick marks labelled. I handled them 2 different ways. Where there are no labels for any of the tick marks on the axis, we show only the axes and the plotted line (no tick marks) to show the reader the overall shape and placement of the graph. For the ones that do have any of the tick marks labelled, we showed the axes (usually they have a top and right arrowhead), the ticks, the labels, and the plotted line. I keep the first type all exactly the same size (approximately 3.5 x 5.5 inches). The others are usually larger, with the ticks somewhat smaller than the .5 inch tick marks usually used on graphs. I often show only every 2nd (or every 5th or every 10th tick mark) depending on the print graph and available space. Do not add grid lines in the background.

Take time to read Unit 6, 6.6.8 in Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics as well. In the case of the ones I was working on, it was not necessary to show the border (or box) around the display.

Hope this answers your question. BANA has had a draft copy of recommendations for graphing calculators, but it was never approved. Here in Canada, there has been one approved by the Canadian Braille Authority, which, if you are interested, is available on their website. Unfortunately, until BANA adopts some form of recommendation for these, you are at the mercy of the agency for which you are doing the work. (Our agency also follows BANA rulings, so you will notice that I have recommended differently that what may be used elsewhere in Canada.)