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You probably don't have the supplement to Guildeline and Standards for Tactile Graphics, which shows an example of the mat plan. The Winter 2010 edition of the Bulletin also has an article written about these block structures. The skewed angles are very difficult for a blind reader to follow. It's difficult to know whether you are following inside a shape or outside when there are so many lines. Questions #4, 6, and 8 on the lower half of your attachment should really be done using the mat plan. The others could possibly be shown as a "face-on" view, since there are not additional layers behind, but you would need to explain that you are showing a face-on view (i.e. just square blocks, no skewed angles). Question #9 instructs the reader to "make a figure", so they must be working with manipulatives. It is very straightforward for the reader to follow a mat plan and replicate the drawing. I'll attach an example, in case you haven't seen one.
Hope this helps!
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