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I realize you have already sent this work off to the student, but I would like to offer a solution to this problem for others who are reading this post.

The print copy you attached shows electron dots as large black dots, with two placed linearly rather than paired. This is something new to us --we have no example like this in our codebook-- but I think I understand the purpose of this unusual presentation. In order to maintain the spacing of the top three hydrogen symbols, the standard way of showing two electron dots (in print) will not allow room on the flat page.

My basic understanding of these drawings is that they represent the shared electrons that are vibrating in a field which creates the bond. So whether they are shown as pairs or as individuals is not the issue. I have attached a possible solution to the braille transcription of this drawing. Just as the printer had to use stacked large electron dots in order to keep the hydrogen symbols independent, if we use single electron dots (one for each black dot) we can achieve the necessary spacing too.

The attached docx file shows both the print and braille version.
Note that the second hydrogen on line 4 must be moved right one cell to keep it away from the rightmost electron dot on line 3.