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Print does not have a standard layout for carried numbers in a division arrangement. When carried numbers are shown, regardless of print placement it is suggested that the transcriber arrange the carried numbers below the carried number indicator and to the left of the dividend digits to which they apply. A transcriber’s note describing both the print and braille formats must be included.
This is in the original errata for the subject. I have enclosed an example of what that would look like. I have also included a way suggested after the errata came out. There is no right or wrong to this exercise because it is not covered in the Nemeth Code. The second way inserts 2 blank cells between each digit in the dividend with the decimal point immediately following the number, where it would leave 1 blank cell to accommodate the carried number. No carried number line is inserted in order to keep the related carried numbers close to the digit to which they apply. Either way would require an explanatory tn.