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Thanks for sending the print and the braille. Very helpful. Here's a method that I find is often helpful. Take the print page and put your hand over the clock so you can't see it. Pretend you're the student and read what this question says. What do you have to know in order to answer the question? What does this question tell you? THE CLOCK SHOWS THE TIME YOU FIRST MADE THE MIXTURE. And how do I know what time that was? I'm afraid that a TN telling me that a simplified alarm clock is there doesn't help. And I'm a first grader. I'm not even sure what simplified means.

A TN of 7 words or less can be embedded. I would embed the TN right after the end of the question as if it were part of the text. Do not go to the next line, do not start a new paragraph. Just enclose the TN in TN indicators and have it say Clock says 11:25.

Read the question again and imagine that TN is there instead of the picture. Can you answer the question now?