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You've certainly got a lot of question in this one post!

I'm sorry you haven't heard from Literary about O grandma. I have alerted Literary that there's a question waiting. Let's see about the response there.

I really need to see the print pages that your format questions address if I am to attempt to provide answers and not just guesses. The first situation you describe with the Unit or chapter title, picture and caption spread across 2 or more print pages is quite common, but it takes many different forms. There is no one answer, which is why is it not specifically address in Formats. Please post a scan of those pages so that I can see exactly what you are seeing. Formatting decisions are based on viewing, analyziing and INTERPRETING the print page material, so I need to see it. The resulting formatting decision is based on pertinent guidelines within Formats.

The is also true of your 5-5 directions question. I need to see the page. Usually, the exercise items follow the directions. so it depends on the purpose of those bulleted items. Are they a continuation of the directions? Are they some kind of displayed material? Answer choices? I have to be able to see the page.

I'll look forward to making suggestions about these interesting questions.