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Julie Sumwalt

There are lots of trainings going on around the country through different organizations. The BANA website has tried to keep an ongoing list of people who are doing training...some will accept outside attendees and some will not.

The NBA 'Bulletin' will begin posting articles and examples in both EBAE and UEB very soon...that would be a good introduction. The BANA website has many resources for becoming familiar with UEB...the 'ABC's of UEB' is a fairly recent addition that looks at the differences between EBAE and UEB.

CNIB has a free online course that is fairly basic and can be ordered from their website. It is geared toward those who already know braille and just want to learn UEB. You can also take a free certification test at the completion of that course. Whether the agency you do work for will accept the Canadian certification will be up to them.

Australia also recently posted an online resource for learning UEB. It's really aimed at people who don't already know braille, but it IS a good resource for learning UEB as well. You can find that one at

Of course, there are definite benefits for going to something 'live', but we understand that many do not have that option. It is highly likely that NBA will focus on basic UEB training for the next couple conferences...if it would be possible to attend one other than the one in Milwaukee, I would very much encourage you to try. The next two will be in Austin, TX and Louisville, KY.

Cindi Laurent