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Fred Van Ackeren

Hi Dorothy,

Let's begin again. The question is: How are multiple lines of carried numbers in a multiplication problem brailled? You stated: "It is recommended that for multiplication problems with carried numbers we follow the guidelines for carried numbers in addition."

This is fine for basic information, but the problem is that it only pertains to only ONE level of carried numbers. Three numbers multiplied by three numbers will produce THREE levels of numbers to be carried. The addition guideline was the first I consulted and finding it lacking and no other examples I decided to bring it to your attention.

Since I don't have a print copy I created an example, 574 x 823. It is attached as a brailled spatial problem to illustrate carried numbers. I have inserted labels and solved in 2 steps, Step 1: multiplication and Step 2: addition, to demonstrate two distinct types of carried numbers. In theory the carried numbers for addition could have been added as a 4th level but seemed awkward, so I decided to keep them separate and more easily distinguished. The labels could also be used as TNs if needed for an actual text.

I hope I've done a better job explaining, looking forward to your reply.