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You have undoubtedly noticed that there is no specific provision in Formats for facing material printed on the same page. The following is a suggestion based on guidelines that do exist. The idea here is to follow print and maintain clarity in braille. Explain in a TN that the modern text is printed on the same page facing the original text and that in braille the original text begins at the left margin and the modern text is indented in relation to the original.

Treat the scene setting as an indented paragraph and follow it with a blank line.

Original text scene setting, 3-1, modern text scene setting, 5-3.

Orignal text dialog (left side print) is 1-5. Start with speaker’s name followed by colon. Follow Formats for this.

Modern text dialog, (right side print) is 3-5. Repeat speaker’s name because it’s repeated in print. After first original text dialog, follow with modern text diaglog so that both versions of each speaker's dialog are presented in braille as intended to be read in print.

Antonio original text has a paragraph that the modern text doesn't have. Just start a new 1-5 paragraph in the original and keep the modern in one 3-5 paragraph.

Salarino dialog is interrupted by page turn, but it appears that this interruption is matched in the same location in the modern text.

Follow print on this. Salarino original stops at [u]petty traffickers[/u] in print. Follow print and continue with Salarino modern text in 3-5 and insert next print page indicator line after [u]get out of the[/u], again following print.

Hopefully the rest of these pages are printed the same way with this matching consistency. If you get to a place in the book where the print layout departs from this pattern, or this suggestion just doesn’t work, please feel free to post again.