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First, I strongly recommend that for clarity, ignore the double caps and braille this paragraph with normal capitalization. The first letter of that Greek word that is causing you the grief is actually a lower case eta with certain accents followed by the remainder of the word in upper case Greek letter, I guess to match the rest of the paragraph. Just use regular caps.

That first Greek letter is eta with a circumflex, which looks like a tilde, but it is called circumflex as used in Greek. As with most foreign language accented letters, it is brailled as a single braille character. That other little mark below the circumlex is called a smooth breathing mark. This is a type of diacritic symbol used in Greek. The indicator for this symbol precedes the letter. The rest of the Greek word is simply the letters chi, omicron, and sigma. The letters in parentheses that follow are the English pronunciation.

I have attached a .pdf that explains how to do the Greek and the special symbols that should be listed. You can list the symbols either right there, preceding this text or on the Special Symbols page of the volume, whichever you feel is appropriate.

This turned out to be a little more complicated than these things usually are. Please let us know if there are any further questions.

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