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I tried both an inkjet and lazerjet printer and they didn't work for me. We've used both Xerox and Richo photocopiers at work and they worked fine. Sometimes the issue is getting a print driver that will work with the odd size (11x11.5) paper. The main think to look for it a copier that has a "straight through" path (as opposed to one that moves the paper up and down and around. Another thing you could try it to use the bypass tray, which usually is straight through. Yes, I agree that it certainly makes a marshmallow mess when the swellpaper gets stuck inside a photocopier!! The technicians are never very impressed with the situation, though with our current copiers we haven't had that happen in a very long time.
Good luck finding the right one. It helps if you tell the salesperson about the straight path issue, and I usually do a site visit armed with some swellbraille paper and a disk of tactile files to try.