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BANA has not issued final guidelines for foreign language. We recommend the following, which is based on current and established practice, updated for 2011 Formats and UEB.

Follow the NBA Interim Manual for Foreign Language Braille Transcription, the current published guidelines. However, use 2011 Formats for formatting, EXCEPT for specific exceptions in Foreign Language. This is fairly well spelled out in the Interim Manual, but please post here if you get to something you're not sure about.

Use UEB in all the instances where you would have used EBAE--for print emphasis, (italics, bold, etc.) punctuation (parentheses, brackets, etc.)

Again, post any difficulties you may encounter and we'll provide suggestions and recommendations.

The chair of the NBA Foreign Language Braille Committee has been working closely with BANA and it is understood that we will be providing recommendations based on existing documents and practices pending final approval of foreign language guidelines from BANA.