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Hi Cindi. Thanks for the reference to the parallelogram. As shown in Guidelines for Tech. Material, p. 65, the symbol for the parallelogram would be preceded by the shape indicator (1246). Still, dot 4 is a UEB prefix, and it really shouldn't be used in a non-UEB way in literary text.

Just to clarify, "scale degree" is a fundamental concept in music theory, but the caret and number are literary symbols, not music symbols.

I previously thought we could use the caret symbol (4)(26), but UEB (p. 24) refers us to Section 4.2, for a circumflex above a letter. The caret symbol seems to be reserved for indicating insertion of text.

Many of these numbers (all with the ^ above) often appear in hyphenated sequences, e.g., 4-2, 1-2-3-4, and even longer sequences. UEB modifiers cannot be doubled, and the grouping indicators (126)(345) also don't seem applicable. The two-cell symbol for the circumflex would need to precede each number.

Does the UEB circumflex (45)(146) mean anything else when followed by a plain, one-digit number?