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I think you're ALMOST on your own for this one. This is simply not covered in Formats, so there's no guideline to recommend. From what you describe I think this material is the same as any other school-generated text, like teacher-prepared assignment sheets, worksheets and so forth. The difference is that this particular material is printed from text posted online. That is no different than a worksheet or any other material that comes from your media center that is not a formal textbook. I am assuming that this material is used ONLY in your local situation, unlike a textbook, which is used all over the country, or at least in many school districts.

As with other such material, where there is NO provision, the formatting decisions become an agency decision. Often, it is left up to the transcriber to decide, particularly in connection with school/classroom material that is used only locally. I recommend that you use Formats as a guide, which is what it's intended to be anyway, and first, decide if you even need a title page at all. If so, design one according to the principles in Formats and modify it as needed. You may decide to treat this the same way as any other classroom material that comes from the media center or you may decide to have a separate category for material that originated online. In that case, design an appropriate title page.

I hope that helps. But if you have anything more to ask about this, please post it here. And perhaps there will be additional suggestions on this as well. Additional input is always welcome.