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Just a few more points:

Joanna is right. Promising Practices has been officially withdrawn.

It's true that the best situation is to work closely with the teacher or someone else trained in early elementary instruction in order to suss out what basic concept each exercise was designed to address. Armed with that knowledge, it's possible to design a braille presentation that addresses the same concept in an accessible manner. It is possible that this information is available in the form of references to Common Core standards printed on each page or with each exercise.

Even if your book does not include a reference to the Common Core standards, reading through the Kindergarten portion of the standards may help you to identify what the goal of an exercise is. The standards are available here: [url=]link[/url]

As you take on this book, in a very Zen-like manner, one page at a time, please feel welcome to share here an image of any pages that are giving you fits. We can team up on them and take them down, as it were.