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Hi Ed,

I am so sorry for the delay in responding. I get to blame it on technical problems--but still, I do apologize.

That IS an odd situation. And because it's so odd, you get to make a creative decision. I can offer a suggestion. The criteria I follow with creative decisions is to interfere with print as little as possible. So therefore, I would avoid adding a large number of implied print pages, especially here where there are NO print pages at all.

The items in the index you describe do not seem to be of great significance, but of course, that is your call. You can see the book and you are the transcriber. I would consider a transcriber's note on the TN page that says the following items are listed in the index and omitted in braille and then list those items right there (without page numbers.) The reader will see those items as he or she goes through those preliminary pages and now s/he knows that they won't be found in the index where nobody would expect to find them anyway. I'm assuming there is no table of contents or that these items aren't listed there, since you didn't mention it.

And then you just run these p-pages with p-page numbers only and no print page numbers.