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Yes, they did. In UEB, you will follow print for whatever reference indicator is used. If print uses an asterisk, you would use the asterisk symbol (dots 5, 25). According to UEB 3.3.1, the asterisk (and dagger and double dagger) are not considered in the superscript position even if they are above the regular print line. If print uses a superscript number, you would use the superscript indicator (dots 35) followed by the numeric indicator and the number. Be aware that you will likely need the grade 1 indicator preceding the superscript indicator so that it is not read as the contraction for 'in'. Space the indicators as they are spaced in print and place them as they are placed in print (before or after the word). Formats will recommend that in a glossary or dictionary, the superscript numbers are placed after the entry word just so the entry words always appear at the margin.

Do not use the 2356 2356 base reference indicator as part of the reference mark in UEB transcriptions. That symbol does not exist in UEB.