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Were you able to emboss from previous versions of CorelDRAW?? I assume that you know to go to Print, rather than Emboss? Are you able to print the file to as simbraille to a regular printer? That would help to determine whether the issue is with the CoreDRAW file or with the embosser/printer.
Next week at the NBA conference in Louisville, we are having a workshop by one of the staff at ViewPlus Technologies. I have asked that they include information on how to set up the print drivers and how to print from various software. Is there any chance that you could still register to attend this workshop on Saturday morning (October 24)? I used to print directly from CorelDRAW (version 5) to the Tiger Max when I was working in an office that had the Tiger Max.
Have you contacted ViewPlus directly? Can you shed any light on what steps you are taking and what exactly is going wrong? Additional information is necessary in order to trouble shoot what is happening.