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I think that I wouldn't get too hung up on the perfect way to do this.

According to 14.3, scene settings are just paragraphs.  I believe you should block these.

Dialogue is 1-3.  Retain capitalization etc. You should not leave a blank line between lines of dialog...or lists of characters.  I would treat the voice over like a dialog.

According to UEB, follow print for capitalization.

I wouldn't center that whole first paragraph [The incredible story of how ...]  So then the written and directed by part would be a paragraph instead of centered. Cell 5 heading (Featuring ...)  and the featured people as a list.

Dots (46, 3456, 1456) is the seventh transcriber defined indicator.  That is no longer to be considered as a reference indicator.  If there is no print reference indicator, insert an embedded transcriber's note (just the word note) to notify the reader that a note is present.  This is the soon-to-be-approved method for unmarked notes.

If I didn't answer all your questions, please let me know.


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