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As you know, EBAE is not where transcribers are to look when answering questions like yours, Abby. Or the NBA's Interim Manual for Foreign Language. You need to access World Braille Usage (WBU), which is found on the web page, when using Method 3.

Page 201 of WBU lists the Spanish alphabet and punctuation that is used for Spanish throughout the various countries that are listed. The accented Spanish letters and Spanish punctuation for the question mark and exclamation mark are consistent with the example in Rules of UEB 13.6.4, p. 194 that you've mentioned.

In other words you will use (26 ... 26) for the regular and inverted question mark in Spanish; (235 ... 235) for the inverted exclamation marks in Spanish. You will use the accented letters listed on p. 201 of WBU, which are the same ones you would have used out of the Interim Manual when EBAE was active.

So far so good. It does get confusing when you consider other types of punctuation in Spanish. The Spanish period listed in WBU is a dot 3. If your Level 3 Spanish textbook is instructional, for use in the United States, with English elements also, UEB 13.6.4 stares that it is permissible to not use punctuation signs and indicators such as the dot 3 period in Spanish.

Read the entire 13.6 in UEB Rules before transcribing. Consider using UEB punctuation for Spanish parentheses, hyphen, dash, period, etc.

Carol Greer