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Thanks for the print sample, Dawn. Your student cannot tell from the context that the words you circled are foreign text.

UEB 14.2.4 says to use code switching indicators when the non-UEB braille would be ambiguous and when the nature and extent of the non-UEB braille text cannot be determined by the context or format. The non-UEB word indicator is (45)(12356).  For the Greek alphabet information, see pages 185-187 of World Braille Usage at

You can use an identifier (in this case Greek) when more than one non-UEB braille code is used in a particular text and it is not obvious which one is intended. This is not necessary for your print sample, but I mention it in case there is another foreign language used in your complete text. In that case, look up UEB 14.3.3 and the following rules in section 14.3 that deal with how to use code switching indicators. If you need to go that route, see UEB 14.2.5 about using a transcribers note to alert the student.

Carol Greer