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I agree that it is very hard to tell if there are spaces between those letters.  I'd go with unspaced as well.  If it's unspaced, the letters are not standing alone and no grade 1 indicators are required...just the caps - and it can be the cap word indicator because that would not be terminated until the space.  So then you only need the one indicator.

In looking at the UEB code book, Section 8.4.2, page 81, there is an example of R.S.V.P. where each letter is single capped (another example at the top of page 82 with N.A.S.D.A.Q.).  I believe its done that way because in those cases, R.S.V.P. and N.A.S.D.A.Q. are abbreviations where each letters stands for a different word. In your case, the whole word is just sort of emphasized.  That's why I would use the cap word indicator.