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The following symbols are required on the Special Symbols page if they are used within a braille volume. Each symbol is preceded by the Dot locator for "mention" which is the first symbol in the list.

Dot locator(s)

Arrow symbols (11.6)

Line mode indicators (16.2, 16.3)

Shapes (11.7)

Grouping indicators [braille grouping indicators, parentheses, braces, brackets, angle brackets] (7)

Typeform indicators (9)

Foreign language symbols (12)

Music symbols (3.18)

Modified letter indicators (4)

Shape indicators (11.7)

Math symbols (3.17, 3.24, 6, 11)

Currency symbols (3.10)

Ratio (3.17)

Proportion (3.17)

Prime (3.11, 3.15)

Double prime (3.11, 3.15)

Minutes (3.11)

Feet (3.15)

At sign (3.7)

Tilde (3.25)

Trademark and Registered Trademark (3.8)

Code Switch indicators (14)


The following symbols are new with the approval of UEB.  These symbols may be included on the Special Symbols list, but are not required.



Opening transcriber's note indicator

Closing transcriber's note indicator

Percent sign

Low line (underscore)

Grade 1 symbol indicator (new terminology, same symbol)

Single closing quotation mark

Capitalized passage indicator

Capitals mode terminator


Period, dot or decimal (6) [Only when used as a dot or decimal]