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Good day, Tung:

When a specific geometric construction is named (e.g., "Triangle ABC", "Line Segment AB", "Plane Z", etc.), this should be transcribed in Nemeth Code. For example:

Measure line segment AB or AB <with line over> to the nearest inch.

⠀⠀⠠⠍⠂⠎⠥⠗⠑⠀⠸⠩⠀⠇⠊⠝⠑⠀⠎⠑⠛⠍⠑⠝⠞⠀⠠⠁⠠ ⠃⠀⠠⠄⠕⠗

Thank you for your time and attention. Please do let me know if you have follow-up questions or comments.