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Good morning and good day to you, Susan!

Thank you for the question. If in a transcription using Nemeth within UEB, you have a series of multiple choice items and not all of them need to be transcribed in Nemeth Code, then the item identifiers should all be transcribed in UEB, and only the material that needs to be in Nemeth Code should be enclosed in Nemeth Code switch indicators.

[The point of the provision for transcribing item identifiers (e.g. problem numbers, answer choice letters, etc.) in Nemeth Code is to reduce the number of switch indicators used when a series of items all should be in Nemeth Code. In the example you shared, the number of switch indicators required would be the same whether the identifiers were in UEB or in Nemeth, and there is no reason for them to be in Nemeth Code.]

A .BRF of the print sample you shared is attached.


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