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Melissa Klepper

Thanks so much for the explanation. Can we expound just a little further on this? After recently attending the NBA conference, and reviewing some examples, we found numbers in brackets that were switched.  In Example 11 of Nemeth Within UEB Contexts, solution sets are in brackets.


... because both have solution set {3}.

So, my understanding is that in this case, the number in enclosures was switched because the enclosures have mathematical meaning.

Then in Example 14, all of the empty enclosures were also switched.


If the expression contains grouping symbols, such as parentheses ( ), brackets [ ], or a fraction bar, ...

So, these were switched because the text referred to them as mathematical grouping symbols and it would be confusing for the student to see them 2 different ways?

We are just trying to wrap our head around when to switch a number in enclosures and when not to.

Do you have any tips or tricks for helping us distinguish between the two situations?

I am trying to help my whole group understand this and I don't seem to be able to convey it to them in a way that everyone can understand. I don't even know if I understand. LOL