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Hi Raymond, thank you for writing and supplying an example for viewing.

To answer your question regarding margins for number lines, we can state the following under these conditions. If the transcription involves Nemeth within UEB context and allows the use of braille cells to represent number lines, 4th grade or higher, BANA guidance advises following Nemeth format decisions within [BANA 2016] Guidance for Transcription Using the Nemeth Code within UEB Contexts. p. 19, step 7.

Graphics are spatial arrangements that are arrayed on more than one line in print. With this said, material is placed between blank lines within margin parameters that accommodate Nemeth displayed material. Therefore, displayed material would follow, narrative, exercise without subitems, and exercise with subitems Nemeth Code rules. This means the graphic can be placed two cells to the right of the material above with runovers two cells to the right of that.

For the sample you’ve submitted, the graphic can be placed in 5-7 if all the number lines can be accommodated on one line. We recommend you spot-check the material in its entirety before making any formatting decisions. The main objective to consider is that number lines are similar to Cartesian graphs, in that, it is imperative to maintain the proportional spacing between units to be measured. If it is found that some number lines require division between lines, we suggest you employ [G&S] for all number lines and place indentions in cell 3. A transcriber’s note can be placed at the beginning of the volume explaining the format used for number lines and the reason for it.


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