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Julie Sumwalt

Hello Cindy and Clay,

In the example you have shown, the prime and double prime signs are shown. They are real prime signs because they are slanted. So that is what you should braille--that is, the first simbraille example that you included in your question.

If, however, what you have shown me is a result of your computer because you retyped the passage and the actual text in front of you shows those symbols as straight up and down, then an apostrophe and a nondirectional quotation were used in the text. The rule says that these "can" be brailled as exactly that--your simbraille example #2. I don't take this to mean that we must, but that we can. That said, UEB tends to follow print very closely, so if I can easily tell that the marks are straight up and down, that is what I do.

Keep in mind that dots 2356 will be read as the contraction for "were" if it's standing alone, so you will need a grade 1 indicator for those situations. The double prime sign can't be mistaken for anything else, so that symbol does not need a grade 1 indicator.

I should also state that if this is being transcribed in Nemeth within UEB, then Nemeth rules and symbols apply.

Braille on,