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Since I'm "shouting" about tactile textures, I think I should also pass along some tactile graphic resources that I have found useful.

Tactile Graphics Resources

  • ​BANA’s Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics
    • Watch BANA’s website and/or sign​ up for BANA Announce​ to see the updated TG Guidelines, including information on using Nemeth within UEB contexts, once they are available.
  • Tactile Graphic Image Library
    • The TGIL is an APH-designed and  -maintained resource that “contains a pool of well-designed templates to aid with the creation of tactile graphics”.​
  • samples from PRCVI’s website
    • PRCVI ([Canadian/Vancouverian] Provincial Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired) has a section of its website dedicated to tactile graphics, with some files of complex tactile graphics available for download as well as a few instructional materials (some more up-to-date than others).
  • APH’s Tactile Graphics TV​
    • TGTV is a series of online videos from APH devoted to tactile graphic design. Each episode in the ongoing series will address one or two aspects of the design process involved in adapting a print graphic (for example, from a textbook) into a readable tactile image.

In addition, you may post questions in the Tactile Graphics Forum of Ask an Expert.