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  • Is it ok to use contractions in a books printing history? Ex. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 DOW 16 15 14 13 12.

May DOW be contracted?  Yes, contractions may be used.

  • BF 8.6.2b says the primary bullet is no longer required on the Special Symbols page. Is the bullet required as a SS when it is used as a separator dot in pronunciation? Ex. ethnic (EHTH●nihk)

No, the dot is still not REQUIRED on the Special Symbols page.  It would be ok to include it if you think your reader might need that information.

  • BF Appendix G lists line mode indicators as required special symbols. Are special symbols for line mode necessary when they only occur in column headings (or note separation lines)? If so, would this require two symbols? Ex. "3 Horizontal line mode indicator; 3 Simple (solid single) horizontal line segment.

No, if the only place you use the line mode is in column separation lines or as the footnote separation indicator, they are not required on the SS page.  Sorry for the confusion on that.

  • A text includes “21ST CENTURY SKILLS” – should the capital passage indicator be used following 21 (before the ordinal letters ST)? Can capitals be ignored for the ordinal letters (such as superscript is ignored) and capital word indicators used for CENTURY SKILLS?

This is a good question!  I'll get back to you on this one 🙂

  • If a boxed table requires a TN (such as special symbols, or to explain guide dots in skeleton tables), does the TN have to go inside the box? Are there exceptions for placing a TN on the previous page to allow a box to fit on one braille page?

Note: All BF Samples show TNs inside the box (with the exception of a table across facing pages). Also, BF 11.8.2c indicates a table key follows the top box line, but we’re not sure if this applies to all TNs associated with a table.

There is no rule about where the TN's are to be placed.  It makes sense to put them inside the box if the material to which they apply is all inside the box.  I would say that if putting the TN on the previous page allows the box to fit on one page, you could move the TN...just be sure your TN accurate reflects what it applies to.

  • If material in a table of contents is boxed, and none of the boxed material has content entries with page numbers, can the text inside the box go on line 1 or 25 of the braille table of contents?


  • BF 20.2.1c says to divide syllabified words that do not fit on one braille line at a syllable break. Is a line continuation indicator (dot 5) required when dividing pronunciations that won’t fit on one braille line? (such as dividing long numerals and electronic addresses)

Is this a what if question?  Or do you have an actual example?  I'd like to see what you are referring to.

Is the line continuation indicator a special symbol?

Also a good question.  It is not on the list right now...but probably should be. 🙂