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  1.  The superscript indicator is all that is needed if you have numbered footnotes.
  2. Braille Formats is a good as the literary course is, it is not a code.  If there are differences, Braille Formats would take precedence.
  3. It is best to not divide web addresses if they will fit on one braille line; less divisions is better - so if you do have to split a web address, try to keep it to as few lines as possible.
  4. Yes, it should be uncontracted.  Letter sequences within a web address should, as often as is possible and still follow the rules, be in the form that the reader would most recognize it.  Sometimes it's not possible due to rule about contractions.
  5. Long numerals and electronic address are not pronunciations so I'm not sure how they apply to this.  If you have to split a pronunciation (and that would have to be a pretty long word) you do not use a dot 5 to show that it is continued.