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Thanks for your patience, Keith.

This kind of notation requires extensive transcriber's notes to explain what's going on.

In Figure 12-4 you could explain about the arrows attached to each note (something like "each right hand note has a downward pointing arrow above it..." and then omit them from the actual music transcription. The solid horizontal line following the notes in measure 3 could be represented by a different kind of slur - just define it before the example.

Figure 12-5 would require the same kind of descriptions. The dashed and dotted lines after the right hand notes could be represented by a slur, utilizing a transfer slur from one staff to the next to show the connection to the 2nd octave G-flat; the circled numbers 1-5 can be placed in the music line as word signs. Arrows, since they're not attached to specific notes this time, could be placed above the music line; the timings on a line above the arrows. The zigzag line in the 3rd (4th) measure would need to be described. I would also probably vertically align the musical elements, using special bar lines to delineate the measures, since there is no meter and the timing is visually indicated.

Use the same ideas for 12-6 - vertical alignment, extensive transcriber's notes, boxed stemless note heads within brackets or parentheses; Once you find your method of explaining these things, it becomes easier.

The clock diagram can be described as such. Use a TN to indicated the "events" at each "hour." I would just describe the visual images if they aren't actual music. You could set up your descriptions in a manner like:

1:00 forte-piano in a box, crescendo, circle with a line extending to the right, two accented staccato marks.

2:00 mezzo forte, horizontal line, zigzagging in a crescendo to the middle and decrescendo to a straight line at the end.

These are just rough ideas! I'm sure you can come up with better wording!

Hope that helps - let me know how it goes!