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Hi Susan, thank you for writing in and providing examples with your question.

In regard to the circles used within the number line, we have suggest you either omit or retain. These points are explained below.

If the circles were to be omitted, a transcriber’s note should be inserted at the first occurrence. Since the text indicates that segments need to be circled, you can also add language to your TN that mentions the substitution of circles with a bracket or a measuring line.

If you wanted to retain the circles, Betty suggested, “The instructions with the number line tell the reader to circle three 1/4 sections and then indicates that there are 8 in total.  Again, I don't advise using circles unless it was enlarged and perhaps only a segment of the number line shown (with 2 circles--dashed, not solid lines) to illustrate the method.  This is the "How To" explanation probably before actual questions, so they need to understand the method, but not necessarily the entire illustration.  A TN could explain that only a small portion is shown, and give the remainder of the information in words.

Perhaps this same approach could be used with the fraction strip, but it would be very cluttered and difficult to know what was added by the transcriber and what was in the original.”

Hope this helps.