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High five for follow-up questions!

You are correct that NO contractions are used within Nemeth Code switch indicators.

Should italics be kept for codes & commands? ... Are they distinguishable from other text without the emphasis? If so (for example, because they are all weirdo hybridwords like LinearAlgebra), then there is a strong argument for ignoring the emphasis.

Could you stay in UEB for codes & commands sometimes? I suspect not. It wouldn’t be consistent to present some codes & commands in Nemeth and some in UEB, would it?

It makes sense to me to use double capitals for a series of letters whose components do not have separate values or meanings.

I would, as you suggest, ignore print’s vertical alignment of the equations in Step 5 in your attachment.

[What is going on with the indentations of those STEPs?!  Take a chill pill, print!]

The equals sign immediately preceded by what looks like a colon is the definition symbol and means something like, “is defined as; is equal by definition to.” So, I would present it as a single symbol. Maybe you could transcribe the definition symbol as a horizontal combination of the ratio sign and the equals sign and follow NC section 149 by putting a dot 5 between those two symbols of comparison?

Braille on! –Kyle