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Are there any plans to rewrite the manual? It's a mess. The sentence you refer to in Lesson 20 reads: "Start the first chapter on a new braille page, and do not divide symbols-sequences between lines unless they are too long to fit on one line." Why would these two rules appear in the SAME sentence? Why would the manual refer to dividing symbols-sequences under 20.5 Beginning Pages? That's the problem with the whole manual--it's not organized so that all of the information for each topic is listed with the topic. The instructions for the words THE END are under 20.3, Choosing a Book for the Manuscript. (?) One has to literally go through the last chapters line by line several times to find all of the important references/rules because the information is so scattered.

Regarding the answer "unless they are too long to fit on one line,"  okay, I'm an idiot, but why else would I divide a symbols-sequence? So, to me, the answer doesn't make any sense. If a symbols-sequence is too long for one line and the transcriber divides it using a hyphen as in print, why are points taken off?

Will you please explain why there are two sets of rules, one for the manuscript and then the UEB rules? The word division rule is extremely important, something a transcriber learns, remembers, and applies. Why should the manuscript rule for word division be different? Use one rule, Lesson 20, 20.5, for your manuscript and then when you actually transcribe a book, use another rule, UEB 8.4.3.  Who benefits by having two rules?

Thank you,

C. Richardson