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Hi Susan, thank you for writing in to the Ask an Expert Forum. The TG Committee is in agreement with how you are handling this situation. Betty mentioned placing the TN at the first occurrence rather than on the TN page, unless these graphics are repeated throughout the chapter. Also, I've added Donald Winiecki's, a TG Committee member, had this to say about your question: "The first image in each of the sequences she shows in her picture also seems to present a very difficult problem if directly transcribed into a TG. The first of the three she shows might be interpretable by an experienced tactile reader who also has experience with similar physical models. However, the second and third show hidden lines and hidden surfaces that might be a big problem for most tactile readers.

The usual sixth grader is about 11 years old and that is about the time when students are able to begin the formal operations stage, which includes the ability to understand this sort of drawing representation. In fact, my experience is that some sighted students have difficulty with hidden lines and surfaces unless also provided with a physical model!

Perhaps the best solution -- even though it goes past Susan's work as a maths transcriber (she works at the Idaho School for Deaf & Blind -- IESDB -- not too far from my location in Boise) would be to fabricate actual paper models that a student could unfold and then reassemble into those shapes. (Parenthetically, as a kid I absolutely loved this kind of activity and it was something that fed my interest in engineering drawing, illustration, and industrial arts.)"

Susan, if you work directly with the student, Don's suggestion will further clarify the concepts to be learned. However, if this is strictly a textbook transcription, the manner in which you handled it is suffice.

Hope this helps!

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