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Susan Baker

Good morning, and thank you so much for everyone's input.  It is really appreciated, and I feel it helps me to grow as a transcriber.  Although I don't have actual contact with this student, I do collaborate with her TVI, and I will share the advice you have given me about the actual models.  In fact, I will do one better! After reading the advice Don suggested, I scrounged around in my teaching bins and I found about 8 different of these cardboard models from years ago,  and I will send them along to the teacher to use with the student. I attached a picture of two of these models.  Though I might not every model that corresponds with each shape in the book, it should be enough that the teacher might see how these are done and create any missing ones.  I will still plan to make a tactile graphic in my transcription for the 1st and 3rd steps (omitting the 2nd, and placing a TN before the first occurrence in the transcription).

A follow-up question: would it be recommended for me to put a note on the TN page, something to the effect of, due to the difficulty presented with hidden lines within the 3D diagrams, hands-on experience with actual models are suggested?  I didn't know if that was outside the realm of what a transcriber could or should do, but would appreciate your feedback.



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