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Hullo, Fred

Thank you for the question and the sample file.

You're right that the expressions should be brailled all in Nemeth, because the words are as much a part of the math as are the numbers.

Please see the attached BRF, noting the few differences from  your sample, namely:

  1. abbreviation p. (for page) must be on the same braille line as its associated number (Nemeth Code XXV.195.c)
  2. comma following the word years within the first expression must be a literary comma (dot 2) (Nemeth Code VI.38.iv)
  3. abbreviation SD (for Standard Deviation) should be capitalized with the double capitalization indicator and not have its letters capitalized individually, because its letters do not have separate values
  4. opening Nemeth Code indicator should be placed after a blank cell on a line with the text that precedes the displayed material, because the displayed material spans more than one braille line
  5. the indention of the displayed material should be 3-5 (displayed to narrative text), with the Standard Deviation expressions treated as runovers and not separate expressions.


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