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Janice L. Carroll

In WORD you will not be able to keep up with even or odd as it is not translated.  You need to open the WORD file into DBT via swift and you will have both programs opened and after you translate then you can determine even or odd.  I agree that it is cumbersome.

As for as the page number coding I am copying a portion of the DBT Quick Code Reference for this code.  I would suggest going to help topics and setting this one to display under your help favorites tab.

<tr class="TableStyle-Basic-Body-Body1">
<td class="TableStyle-Basic-BodyE-Column1-Body1">[svpnpN:N:N:N] – Set page number placement values. The N's are given in the order: braille (internal) page number on odd sides, internal number on even sides, print (reference) number on odd sides, reference number on even sides. The possible values for any N are: 0 for no place, 1 for upper left, 2 for upper right, 3 for lower left, 4 for lower right. The default values are 4, 4, 2 and 2 respectively (corresponding to American "textbook format"). E.g. [svpnp2:2:0:0] would establish customary literary format, with braille page numbers at upper right and no print page numbers shown.

Braille Pages will remain unnumbered until you turn them back on.  If you need more than one blank page then you can use the [pg] code for as many blanks that you need.