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Hello, Carmen: First of all, as a foreign language Braille reader & proofreader, THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO. What you do in transcribing foreign language materials is a rather complicated process, if done correctly. When it comes to distinguishing between FL & English text, I would lean toward doing more, rather than less, unless the actual rules dictate otherwise. I see nothing wrong with utilizing the code switch indicator. In the "old days", the argument would be that the Braille reader can distinguish between contracted English and uncontracted Spanish with no difficulty. . .but this presumes one thing: That the Braille reader is a native English speaker. As our world, and our schools, become more diverse in population, this presumption is no longer as valid. Second language learners, including Braille readers, are still subject to the schools' foreign language requirements. Any additional assistance the transcriber can provide would always be welcome. I believe we need to begin taking second--and yes, in this instance--third & subsequent--language learners into account when we consider the needs of the Braille reading population.