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Thank you for the questions. I understand those to be:

  1. Using only UEB, in a spatial calculation that includes lowercase letters, how should grade 1 be indicated for those letters?
  2. Using only UEB, does any kind of grade 1 indicator need to be used for the visible space in a spatial calculation?

In short, my answers would be:

  1. In your example, which includes only two lowercase letters, which are located in the top row of the spatial calculation, I would use a grade 1 symbol indicator immediately preceding each individual letter. And I would reference Rules of UEB section 6.9.3 ("... any lowercase letter a-j [in a numeric passage] is preceded by a grade 1 indicator.")
  2. No.

Please see the attachments for braille, images of the print, and some additional commentary.

If you have any follow-up questions or points of discussion, please do share them here. Goodness knows there can be more than one correct way to do it.


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