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Fred Van Ackeren

Good Morning,

With a fresh day and different perspective I've concluded I've interpreted part of the Provisional Chemistry code incorrectly. I got confused when reading the part where it says "retain distinctive typeform for chemical abbreviations," but in reading the Chem. Code not all single letters or combination are abbreviations, for example, states of matter and letters representing concentrations of solutions and K for constant . With this in mind I sought to answer my own questions, here is what I've determined from examining the Chem. Code, see if you agree. I've enclosed in parentheses the page number in the Chem. Code that guided me.

  1. spacing of (g), (aq), etc., states of matter. (CC123) spaced only when not in parentheses. So no spaces and no typeform.
  2.  K(sub). Typeform kept only when more than 1 typeface (not case) is shown. (CC111, 125, 127)
  3. Concentrations, N, M, m, F. Retain typeform in text and equations. (CC111, 118)
  4. (Delta)H. No typeforms. (CC110, 113, 126)

The only remaining item is the spacing between an intial K(sub) and the next compound in equations. In the text I'm transcribing this spacing is not consistent. In 1 or 2 places there is no space. I'm considering to transcribe w/o spaces.

Thank you for your patience.