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Lindy Walton

Hi Fred. I found your post in this forum (UEB Technical), but I think you are following Nemeth/Chemistry Code for your project. The Chemistry Code is an adjunct to the Nemeth Code -- therefore, you follow Nemeth Code rules regarding typeform *unless* the Chemistry Code gives further or different directions.You did interpret this correctly in your list of conclusions--the main points being that typeform for states of matter is ignored in the braille transcription, and that typeform for concentrations is significant (has special meaning) and so is retained.

I wanted to let you know that your frustration deciphering the Chemistry Code is shared by many, and to assure you that an enthusiastic team of experts is currently working hard to produce an updated (UEB) version of the Chemistry Code as well as an updated (UEB) version of the Nemeth Code. This is a long process. In the meantime, a more thorough version of the "Provisional Guidance for Chemistry" is also in the works. Don't hesitate to keep asking questions as your project unfolds. In the future, please post them to the Nemeth section of this forum.


Lindy Walton