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Dan Gergen

Good morning Barbara,

UEB has many braille equivalents for symbols and shapes. Radio buttons or similar graphical elements that allows the user to select or unselect are not defined or covered anywhere else in the code. However, there are options for "transcriber-defined" equivalents in UEB.

I discussed your inquiry with the UEB  committees and we agree that UEB §11.7 Shape symbols has your answer. The unfilled or "clear" button can be brailled as a circle, which is shown in the §11.7 symbols list ⠫⠿ (dots 1246, 123456).

It may be important to use the same type of symbol for the “blue-filled” circle, rather than switch to a transcriber-defined shape for just one of these.  §14, page 65 of the Guidelines for Technical Material lists shape indicators and page 66 has examples of shapes and filled-in shapes.  You could use either the symbol for the filled (solid) shape indicator  ⠸⠫⠿ (dots 456, 1246, 123456) or the shaded shape indicator  ⠨⠫⠿ (dots 46, 1246, 123456), both of which are listed on page 65 of the GTM. If there is nothing in the text referring to a "blue" circle, you would not need to mention the color.

There would be nothing wrong with using a transcriber-defined shape for both radio buttons, one being clear and the other blue, using letters to describe them.  But it may be a better representation of print to use the Shape Symbols and Composite Symbols from GTM §14.

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