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Dan Gergen


Thanks for getting back so quickly. This looks like a brief note or an informal "letter" to someone. The UEB Literary committee consulted with the Braille Formats committee and agree that in this example, the addition of the script typeform applied to the entire text would not add anything for the braille reader and could be ignored. You can refer to Braille Formats §5.3 for the rule.

The Rules of Unified English Braille §9.9.1 does state that when a typeform passage extends over more than one text element, each element (e.g. paragraphs) is preceded by the typeform passage indicator and the terminator is placed where it ends. The paragraph and the attribution are different text elements. Braille Formats §9.4.1c tells us to retain typeforms that are needed for titles or some other text that requires distinction.  That may not be the case in your example.

I would ignore the script typeform altogether.