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Dan Gergen

Hello Deborah,

I'm sorry I'm so limited in what solutions I can provide since the Ask an Expert forums should not be used for specific help with trial manuscripts. In Lesson 20, §20.9 it states "The certification manuscript should be the work of the student and no one else." Part of passing the test and manuscript is knowing how to look up things for yourself, —which is something you already have a habit of doing when you looked for your answer in Braille Formats. Research is something you'll be doing consistently beyond certification. We have all been in your position and it's a good habit to nurture.

So my advice is to use your investigative skills and look in the Rules of UEB and search for the groupsigns in question and look into contraction preferences. You studied it already, you just need to look back. You'll easily discover the answers.

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  • This reply was modified 3 years ago by Dan Gergen.