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Donald Winiecki

Thanks for the question Janice!

Your question asks specifically about formatting of fractions in Nemeth, when placed below a number line that is part of a tactile graphic. All of this is intended for a grade 3 audience.
Specifically to your question, it is advisable to align the opening fraction indicator with the tick mark to which it applies on the number line (GSTG
Importantly, in a number line of the length you have indicated and depending on the length of fractions, you may have to omit every other label on the number line in order to fit the labels (GSTG However, all ticks should be included on the number line.
If it is considered important to include each of the numbers on a number line, and this is not possible on a horizontal number line, you could change the format to a vertical line (GSTG If this is done, make sure the smallest value/number is at the bottom of the page, with numbers increasing up the page. In this case, align dots 25 of the numbers with the tick mark (GSTG

Other items of relevance that you may have already taken care of:

For Kindergarten through grade 3, the number line should be indicated with a raised line drawing, rather than braille line mode (GSTG
We don't include the numeric indicator on number lines (GSTG when the numbers are placed below the number line. No transcriber's note is required to account for this (GSTG, Unit 6) This will save space on the TG and make things easier to read.
Additional features of the number line for this audience are indicated in GSTG

Please let us know if this answers your question.