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Lindy Walton

Hi. Yes, you are right, this matrix equation will not fit on a braille page without having to divide it. The first priority is to divide before the equals sign, as you have done.

I have attached a brf example for you which includes the following corrections:

  • Starting the displayed matrix in cell 7 (it is displayed to 1-5 text--NC Sec.191.b.iv);
  • Aligning "a" with "3" in the first matrix (items in the same column must begin in the same cell in a matrix) (NC Sec.183.a);
  • Deleting the space before the plus symbol (operation symbols are generally unspaced--NC Sec.138.b);
  • Deleting the second equals symbol (the equals symbol is transcribed on the top line of the arrangement, just as you have done with the plus symbol)(NC Sec.183.a).

Since some of the answer choices contain decimals, I would not terminate Nemeth Code until after subitem K. is completed unless, of course, Nemeth Code continues with item 27.

Hope this helps!


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