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Dan Gergen

Hello and thank you for bringing this question to the attention of the UEB Literary Committee. You have no doubt already viewed the answer to your inquiry, provided by Kathy Riessen, an ICEB Code Maintenance Officer.

For the benefit of our NBA members and guests, I will include her reply in this forum:

Looking through the rules and accompanying examples, to me it is clear that "ea" in the word "Obeah" should be contracted.

The word "obeah" having googled it, appears to have been adopted into English, and does not remain as a foreign word used solely in another language.

The fact that the "e" and "a" are pronounced separately is immaterial the same as the example words in 10.6.5 such as acreage, borealis, Carribbean etc.

When we look at what "other rules" are, the ones which come to mind, none of which apply are:

  1. 10.10 Rules of preference, eg strong contractions taking precedence
  2. 10.6.7 Prefix followed by word: obeah can't be broken down to "obe" as the prefix and "ah" as the word
  3. 10.10.9 Seriously distort pronunciation: This is not the case, the same as for the words listed in item 2 above.

Kathy agrees that these are very interesting discussions. Thank you again for posting it here on Ask and Expert.

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