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Dan Gergen

Hello Kimberly,

The UEB Literary committee discussed your issue and consulted Rules of UEB and Braille Formats. Our answer is provided by a member of the Braille Formats/Textbook committee.

We are assuming the title in italics in not a centered, cell-5, or cell-7 heading, in which case, typeforms should be ignored. Otherwise, typeforms in the normal text should follow print. The asterisk in this situation is a reference marker and not treated as punctuation.

The committee agrees that reference indicators are rarely emphasized along with the text. Our advice is to terminate the italics passage before the asterisk. Follow print spacing for the reference indicator as well as the asterisk in the note that is referenced at the bollom of the print page.

Thank you for the opportunity to address your question. Hopefully our answer may serve to help other transcribers.